Essay on Gender Is The Foundation Of All Live

Essay on Gender Is The Foundation Of All Live

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Gender is a property in not only human life, but all living life on our planet since the beginning of time. Whether it is to determine animal characteristics, to plant development, to the drive of society, gender is the foundation of all live. Today, I will be talking about what gender is and how humans have identified with gender, social connections and gender, and how men and women differ along gender lines.
First, we must understand the meaning of “Gender”. Understanding gender will be broken down into three different views: sex, gender, and gender identity. Every person has a certain sex, a gender, and a gender to identify with. All three of these aspects are linked to sexuality. Sex is biological, which includes our genetic make-up, hormones, specific body parts, and reproductive organs. Gender refers to society’s expectations due to our specific sex. Gender is how society defines how we need to act as young boys and girls and throughout adulthood as men and women. Gender identity is how we feel and express our gender roles in society and these feelings develop at the earliest ages of two or three. For example, certain clothing, reoccurring behaviors and personal appearances help dictate what gender we identify with. Next, I will explain the difference between was is defined as feminine and masculine. Feminine is possessing traits or behaviors in a society that normally identifies with girls or women. Masculine is possessing traits or behaviors in a society that normally identifies with boys or men. Following up, I will explain gender roles. Gender roles are how people in a culture that will express their actions in a certain way, what they say, and how characteristics in boys and girls need to follow the standard rules of ho...

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...higher risk for antisocial personality disorder. According to the textbook, “Psychology In Everyday Life: Third Edition,” composed by two main authors, David G. Myers and C. Nathan Dewall, they quote “Each gender has its shares of risks” (Myers and Dewall, 2014, p. 107). Both men and women will deal with their sex-related downfalls.
In conclusion, I have discussed gender, social connections with gender, and how men and women are alike and different along gender lines. I found this topic to be quite interesting, due to our society in 2016 and how people would prefer to be a gender other than “male” or “female” and what is the drive behind genders. Gender can be researched for years, composed of a vast variety of books, depending on certain aspects and viewpoints. I will leave you with one final question: What personal crux gives you details about your gender identity?

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