Essay about Gender Is Socially Constructed By Social Constructions Of Gender

Essay about Gender Is Socially Constructed By Social Constructions Of Gender

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as male or female; in conjunction with what criteria they fulfil. This creates an interesting thought process, by which we identify both ourselves and others with to discern their sex, through the means of their presented gender, which align with the socially agreed upon norms of masculinity and femininity. Therefore, affirming that gender is socially constructed. This is explored well by Lorber (1990) who uses an anecdotal example of being on the subway and seeing a baby in a pram wearing a blue top and dark trousers, leading her to assume it was a boy, but then noticing it had earrings and flowery trainers, which suggest girl. Further indicating the meaning behind what we socially consider gender to be.

Additionally, Holmes (2009) looks at the ways in which we learn these social constructions of gender, for instance through socialisation, media, television, movies and magazines. Her descriptions of socialising gender as being taught what is appropriate for your sex to act like is useful in understanding how our gender is socially constructed, not just by the institutional ideas of what it is to be masculine or feminine, but also the personal ideas of our family and peers. Although, mass media has a wider impact upon what is seen to fulfil these gender identifiers, such as hyper masculine figures in movies, for example Captain America, or unrealistic body images of female models in magazines. Furthermore, her inclusion of the cultural relativism of gender stereotypes further indicates the social construction of gender, as they vary between societies. Although, in recent years there has been a move towards inclusivity and representation of a wider gender and sexuality spectrum, for instance in shows such as Orange is the New B...

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...cietal ideas tend to have derived from the biological differences between the male and female sexes, although, gender is separate from ones’ sex. Gender is therefore an amalgamation of personal identity and peer and societal influences. Furthermore, gender is a continuous performance, which is created through the use of clothing, makeup, style, interaction and many other facets of everyday life. In addition to this gender is constantly evolving, which can be seen by the changing attitudes to what is appropriate for men and women to behave and appear like. Overall, gender will continue to be shaped by society and will remain an area for contentious debate over whether there are any biological foundations to which these traits can scientifically be linked to, or if they are solely the product of societal preconceptions of what it is to be a man or a woman.

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