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Gender Is Not The Gender Essay

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Transgender: A word to describe someone whose actual gender is not the gender they were assigned at birth. Often shortened to trans. Note: Not everyone whose experience fits this definition identifies as trans, and that’s perfectly okay.
Cisgender: A word to describe someone whose gender is the same as the gender they were assigned at birth. Often shortened to cis.
Bigender: A nonbinary gender meaning having two genders. Note: You can identify as two genders at the same time. You can go back and forth between two genders. Perhaps you have one stagnant gender and one that shifts. There is no “right” way to be bigender.
Trigender: A nonbinary gender meaning having three genders. Note: Just like bigender, you can identify as multiple, in this case three, genders at once, go back and forth, or have one or more stagnant or fluid gender(s).
Polygender/Poly-gender: Having any number of multiple genders at once.
Pangender: A nonbinary gender meaning having a wide multiplicity of genders that can sometimes go beyond society’s current understanding of gender. Sometimes called omnigender.
Genderfluid: A word to describe someone whose gender moves between two or more genders, and/or who has different genders at different times.
Multigender: An umbrella term to describe people who have more than one gender identity, either at the same time, or sometimes changing between them. This can encompass bigender, trigender, polygender, pangender, and genderfluid. Note: Multigender people can only identify as genders of their own culture, and cannot appropriate any closed genders from a group that they are not a part of. The multigender experience can be simultaneous or gradual.
Nonbinary/Non-binary: An umbrella term to describe any gender that is not ...

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...isogyny, it describes the issues trans women and trans feminine people face.
Binarism: A term for the erasure and violence nonbinary people of color face(d) during and after colonialism as they were forced into binary genders.
Nonbinary erasure: A term used for the specific issues nonbinary people face when said issues do not fall under transphobia, transmisogyny, or binarism.
Gender dysphoria: An emotion ranging from general unease to extreme anxiety in relation to your gender, whether you experience social dysphoria and/or physical dysphoria. While this experience is common among trans and nonbinary people, it is not required in order to be trans.
Physical dysphoria: Gender dysphoria in relation to your body parts, like hips, jaw, chest, genitals, etc.
Social dysphoria: Gender dysphoria in relation to social aspects like being misgendered, the way you present, etc.

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