Essay on Gender Is Confused With Sex

Essay on Gender Is Confused With Sex

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Quite frequently, gender is confused with sex. Considering these terms are often confused, what is the explicit distinction between the two? Our sex has to do with the psychological and biological characteristics; Gender on the other hand, has to do with the characteristics a society profiles as either masculine or feminine. Sex remains the same throughout the world but what delineates gender varies depending on what society/culture you are from. With that being said, it can be deduced that gender is socially constructed and not formed by natural means.
As human beings, our perception and viewpoints of the world are inclined to change as we develop as a society.We are easily influenced by each other, and learn to adapt to our surroundings by adjusting to the actions, the feelings, and the attitudes according to appropriate facets of our society. When addressing the subject “gender”, most people have a different perception and viewpoint on this matter. A vast majority of the time, these different views are often instilled upon us as we grow up, with or without realization--for instance gender norms. Gender norms have paved its way into today’s world becoming an abiding feature of everyday life. Since society has drawn a distinctive line in order to distinguish between males and females with gender norms, it has become more and more difficult for children to become who they really want to be. As children begin to apprehend that they are of a specific gender, they deem themselves into what they have learned from the rest of the society.
According to Learning to Be Gendered by Penelope Eckert, learning to comply with one’s gender identity is taught by the parents and observed by the child at an early age. It is not the child who ch...

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...g boys and girls contribute, is solely done by the two genders in order to participate and function in the real world.
Yet again, limitations are being set for children all because they would only like to do the appropriate actions of what they believe is rightful for their gender group. There should be no restrictions for what a female and male are capable of. With all these gender norms, it becomes more difficult for female and males to do what they please for the reason being that they fear being judged for doing a non-gendered appropriate action. All they see is a big disapproval from the rest of society. If a girl would like to play with a toy truck or a boy would like to wear the color pink, permit them to do so and do not discomfort them . These gender norms will only recede if males who act like females and females who act like males are accepted as they are.

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