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What is gender? This question could simply be answered, to be a man or to be a woman, but what does that really mean? The definition of gender has fluctuated over time. Today it has caused a great debate on what it means to be male or female or what qualifies a male or female should have. Through time women have acquired more male attributes, not necessarily along the lines of genitalia, but strength and courage. Women continually become stronger, increasingly independent, and in a way more manly. "...[W]ords, such as, 'courage, ' 'frankness, ' or 'confidence, '...convey the good side of manliness without naming a sex" (Mansfield 450). Of course everyone has the stereotypical image of male and female. To society a man is the head of the family, strong, depended upon by those that surround him, and a true gentleman. Women, on the other hand, are dependent, soft spoken, and learned homemakers. According to societies unestablished law women dress girly, wear a lot of pinks, should always be in dresses, and are constantly all gussied up. However, a man is to be in darker colors, such as blue, less clean cut, but still well put together, and supporting his family. In a world where women have a hard time being valued as a person especially in a man 's world someone showed me what it means to be yourself. She has influenced me in how to express my masculinity and femininity in the person that I am trying to become in my life, and that person is my mother.
Before I go on about how my idea of what gender is ,and how it has been influence, we should know what it means to be masculine and what it means to be feminine. It is really important to clearly define what the topic is before we delve into how it affects us. According to Websters d...

... middle of paper ... what we judge being a female on as a society my mom wouldn’t fit the bill. I have a uncle on the other hand who is considered a male, but looking at him pink is his life, and he isn’t a fan of mud in any shape or form. He is a person that cooking is his forte, and fixing a car seems unnecessary because their is a person for that. In both of these cases there is there is a male and and female, but neither one fits into and specific gender role.
So in all the different ways that people in society try to define what it means to be a man and a woman, what my mom has shown me definitely shaped the way that I see gender. Yes, we all allure born we already specific sex, but who we become as a person, our masculinity and our femininity, is based on our personalities. That is why we, my mom and I, believe that one 's gender is a deciding factor that is never set in stone.

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