Essay on Gender Inequality : Women And Women

Essay on Gender Inequality : Women And Women

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Gender Inequality has always been in issue since the beginning of time. For some it’s not an issue it’s just a way of life, women are taught to be submissive and obedient to their male counterparts. Women’s sole purpose is to bear children, raise and nurture them, run the household as far as cooking and cleaning and to take care for their husband and his needs. This has been an idea that goes across many cultures in different parts of the world for centuries, passed down from generation and generations. Those days are long gone or are they really? Over the years women have made great strides in gaining equal rights as man, but for some cultures women are unequal to their male counterparts despite how far the fight for women equality have gone. I found this very interesting but it was no surprise that women still didn’t have some basic rights in some countries. As an American woman we tend to be more vocal and direct for what we believe in, but not all cultures women can be as outspoken. I wanted to share some of the things that I learned in my research of gender inequality around the world and how it affects different culture.
First, lets look at gender inequality in our own home of America. One of the most evident inequality between women and men in today’s society is the difference in salary. Men overall throughout different industries earn more than women within the same industry. Even with the same college education and work experience men earn more, but in today’s society many women have become the breadwinner of their household and earn more money than their spouse. Women are outnumbering men in earning their bachelor’s degree and opening their own business. Even with more women becoming breadwinners of their family, gend...

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...ontinued to follow traditions of the dowry systems putting the population at risk as well .

It is quite evident the lack of access woman and young girls would have to health care as oppose to men in less developed countries. Women tend to have a higher number of these instances in low income countries because of the lack of resources offered to women because of inequality. Women between the ages of 15-44 leading cause of death is HIV/AIDS that definitely means women are not being made a priority in these less developed countries because in these societies women are not viewed as equal as man were they don’t have the same rights or opportunities as men do. Tuberculosis and Malaria also affect these regions of less healthcare access offered to women. It’s no surprise that if women face so much injust in other social aspects that healthcare would be any different .

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