Gender Inequality Still Exists Between Husbands And Wives Essay

Gender Inequality Still Exists Between Husbands And Wives Essay

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In China, gender inequality still exists between husbands and wives; however, ever since 1950, the tendency of gender positions shared in a marriage is increasing. Both traditional and modern marriages require dowries and bride prices from both families, whereas the economic grows, either one side of the family has to disburse more to the other family. Moreover, the one who has higher education or earn the most has the authority in household. Working inequality is still present in some cities of China, however, the unfairness has improved distinctly from the past. The divorce rate is increasing, since women have the right to divorce and freedom to choose. In ancient China, due to women had overwhelmed by domination of men in marriages, marriages for women were unfair, where they treated different in education, work, property ownership, and decision of divorce and freedom.

Dowries are the gifts that given by both sides of the families in a Chinese wedding; however, in different decades, the value of the dowry is increasing while people are getting wealthier. In the past, the purpose of dowries was for the new couple to build their new family, also, that was a way to prevent the bride by contemned or treated badly by the groom’s family. If the bride give a considerable dowry to the groom’s family, she will have large influence within the family. Other than the dowry, the bride sometime had to arrange their households and properties while the groom’s side did not do that. During agriculture era, rural family lived by farming, so that, they usually had domestic animals, or useful farm implements as dowries. On the other hand, urban family was more materialism than rural family, who had electronics as dowries. Nevertheless, modern do...

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...dent in order to earn more and pay for household. As the wife and husband are working all the time, they will have no time to reach the obligation of bearing child. The divorce rate will slightly decreasing because people will think wisely to choose their partners.

In 1950, it is a conversion point between husbands and wives in China in order for them to change the point of view in a marriage, and to balance the gender role. Dowry has developed from symbolic ritual into a high standard in order to obtain agreement from the bride’s father to marry the bride. The more opportunity in education for women has raise the number of women employment, moreover, these cause a number of growth in divorce as well. From ancient to modern, women has the most changes as compared to men, on the whole, the authority in decision between husband and wife has changed due to many aspects.

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