The Gender Inequality Of The United States ' Boys ' Essay

The Gender Inequality Of The United States ' Boys ' Essay

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Henry Tischler said, “In the United States, boys are three times as likely to be placed in special education classes, twice as likely to repeat a grade, and a third more likely to drop out of high school” (269). The gender inequality we see today are normal, which follow history before because we preserve in culture different role between genders. Back in history, women did not share the same privileges as men. For example, women were not allowed to vote or own property. In addition, the scholar such as Thomas Jefferson and scholar around the world believed and supported that women and men are not created equal and women shouldn’t have the same personal liberty as men. Even today, women are still lacking opportunity in many ways; and men dominate most of our society. American’s still deny the patriarchal ideology, which is a belief that man are superior to women and should control all important aspects of society. We view women in such negative way and believe that they don’t have the same ability as men because gender inequality is so normal in reality, which blinds us to think that men and women are equal, but even in the 21th century gender inequality still exist in United States. Although, women may seem as having the same equality as man, they are still experiencing inequality in education and workforce, “glass ceiling”, and experience a negative impact because of children due to patriarchal culture.
The education and work force quality for women is worth less than men as the result of society’s judgment. Women earn less than men, despite men being less educated. Women has surpassed men in graduating college, and make up nearly half of the country’s total workforce, but the professional workforce is still dominated by men eve...

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...oves a women can make is to have children” (Claire Miller). As for the women in the United States, there are a lot of negative impact for them if they decide to have babies. The quality for them shrink to the corner while men hold the advantage of having kids.
In conclusion, the cause of all of the gender inequality in not only United States, but around the world is how people view women in their society. And it’s also lead to patriarchy culture which we feel that men are superior to women and should control all of the important things in our society. You can see how this view effects women in the United States in many different ways. This includes job opportunities, earning, education and career profession. It does not matter if women have more quality than men, they are still inferior because men are dominating in our society and women are inferior.

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