Gender Inequality Between Men And Women Essay

Gender Inequality Between Men And Women Essay

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According to the Introduction to Sociology sex is defined as “the biological and anatomical differences distinguishing females from males”(p216). I agree with thee books definition. I believe sex refers more to the body and features of a male or female. Whereas gender I believed is more of a notion of how males and females should act, dress, and their lifestyles. The book defines gender as a “social expectation about behavior regarded as appropriate for the members of each sex”(p216). Gender inequality to me is when males and females are treated different rather it is concerning pay, job, status or their duties in a relationship and parenthood. The book defines gender inequality as “the inequality between men and women in terms of wealth, income, and status”(p225).
Both the documentary Miss Representation, and in the article “Night to His Day”: The Social Construction of Gender by Judith Lobber referred to the phrase “doing gender” which is when people, not knowingly most of the time, do things that society associates with a particular gender. In the article gender is defined as “a human production that depends on everyone constantly 'doing gender’ …(Lorber,p54). According to the article The Social Construction of Sexuality by Ruth Hubbard sexuality is viewed as not “natural” but they believe that “whatever feelings and activities our society interests as sexual are channeled from birth into socially acceptable forms of expression”(Hubbard,p65). The article defines gender inequality as “the devaluation of ‘women ' and the social domination of ‘men’…(Lorber, p62) I believe the concept of gender inequality was focused on a lot in the documentary. Mainly the negative effects it has on women in the media and then the influences...

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...zes and skin tones. This will give young girls the chance to embrace themselves and love themselves. If we make the people that are advertising products normal looking it would also bring a high self-esteem to the young girls looking up to who ever may be in the ad.
I also believe in the media and tv women are usually references to a man, for an example in a reality show there will be 30 plus women competing for one guys attention and that has a negative effect on women watching. They may think that it is normal for them to compete and fight for a guys attention. I kind of see it throughout my life, women fighting over guys and wearing certain things to get attention from guys.
It is sickening to see women and men be talked about for not doing gender or living in the expectation of being feminine or masculine but times are change and with that I hope this change.

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