Gender Inequality Between Female And Female Education Essay

Gender Inequality Between Female And Female Education Essay

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Like the rest of the world, gender inequality in education has been a large problem in China, but scholars have noted that it in the last several decades’ gender inequality has been decreasing because of economic growth. Dong Qiang et al. states that through their research findings, they have discovered that the inability to read or write was commonly found in females and that men were more likely to have higher education and more years of schooling, but now thanks to economic growth the differences between male and female education opportunities have been decreasing (72). Emily Hannum, Professor of Sociology and Education, notes that, “…the narrowing of gender inequality in education can be expected with economic development; it is thought to be driven by better economic circumstances that erode incentives for families to make different investments in children on the basis of gender” (qtd. In Ming-Hsuan 242). She observes that parents with multiple children tend to focus on the child they believe will bring in the most income and with take care of the family. There is high belief that it will be the male child in the family therefore education opportunities and more investments will be made on the male child, lending to the term of “son preference” that most Chinese family’s deal with. However, with economic growth, conditions have changed and parents in their old age no longer have to rely on their children as much, and, “As a result, all children can enjoy more equal opportunities for schooling” (qtd. In Ming-Hsuan 242). Economic growth has also increased job opportunities for females, which has brought higher reason for investments to be made on their education. What is surprising, however, is how it has some negative effects ...

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...males are still seen as less important and having them leave their education is often preferred by family household’s because this way they will not have to invest in someone who will eventually marry and leave the family name, unlike the males who will inherit it. If a family has multiple children it is highly more likely that the male children will receive more and their parents will have higher expectations for them (75). Qiang et al. shows that “From the point of view of the family, boys are generally not deprived of educational opportunities. A gender disparity in quitting school, which happens for various reasons, directly affects girls’ opportunities for development and makes it hard for them to make exceptional contributions to their families’ livelihood. This vicious cycle makes it hard for girls from poor families to get equal access to education” (76-77).

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