Gender Inequality And The Sexual Exploitation Of The Female Body Essay

Gender Inequality And The Sexual Exploitation Of The Female Body Essay

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Gender Inequality and the Sexual Exploitation of the Female Body in Contemporary Global Society

This anthropological study will define the issue of gender inequality and the sexual exploitation of the female body in contemporary global society. The physicality of female sexual exploitation is often defined by the commercial identification with the female body as an object for purchase. Prostitution is one form of the subjective identity of women as being submissive servants of a dominant patriarchal hierarchy in American society. More so, these gender roles alienate women from the patriarchal economy, which pushes them into the sex trade to serve the male marketplace through the body. Anthropologically, the female body provides a physical/objective premise for the subjective aspects of female genders roles that victimize women into the prostitution profession. In essence, an examination of patriarchal gender roles will define the exploitation of women through prostitution in contemporary western society.
This anthropological study will define the underlying social effects of patriarchal hegemony through gender roles that often exploit women into positions of sexual exploitation. In a subjective framework, the victimization and exploitation of women has traditionally been based on the inability of women to get good paying wages or salaries in comparison to male workers. These aspects of the social construction of gender roles define the continued depiction of women as being less qualified to work outside of the domestic sphere. Unfortunately, this tradition continues to exist in terms of the sex-based relations between men and women, which is often defined through these narrow opportunities for women in the workplace. In terms...

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...aterial inequalities between women and men.
This type of “market” condition defines the gender inequalities that force many women throughout the world to become entrapped in the often-illegal occupation of prostitution or sex work. More so, young women and children are also exploited and abused under these harsh patriarchal conditions in which there is no regulation of these so-called “markets” for male-based institutions. In anthropological terms, the subjective evidence for gender inequality involving prostitution is often generated by strict domestic sphere values, which result in the victimization of women that do not have adequate employment opportunities to compete in viable labor markets. This often leads to the deviant and unregulated world of sex work and prostitution as a form of gender inequality in the exploitation of the female body on a global scale.

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