Gender Inequality And The Current Gender System Essay

Gender Inequality And The Current Gender System Essay

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It had never occurred to me how abstract, and contrived the current gender system is. Though I had my doubts about the role reinforcement in this system, I had never questioned its validity. My one dimensional understanding of gender inequality was due partly to the fact that I was already born into a well defined system, but mainly because my yearning for belonging and “drive for war” was exploited to conform and marginalize. Gender inequality itself cannot be dissected unless viewed through a multi-faceted lens. Key components responsible for this disparity stems from more than just gender construction, it stems from colonization, the shift of power between sexes, races, classes (Lugones. p, 187-188), and the construction of heterosexuality.
Our understand of heterosexuality had not always been what they are today. In 1892, Kiernan published an article describing heterosexual as having sexual attraction for both sexes, and he described homosexuals as individuals whose thought process did not align with their biological sex (Katz, p. 153). I suspect that this view did not gain much traction due to it not being relatable, and logically accessible to the masses. Krafft-Ebing followed up with his own assertion, and wrote in his Psychopathia Sexualis that heterosexual was infact a person with sexual attraction for the opposite sex. Ebing theorized that this inclination for the opposite sex was innate, and it was vital for reproduction (Katz, p.154). His theory was eventually accepted in and outside of the medical community, and this in effect shaped our modern understanding of heterosexuality. This accepted understanding essentially normalized femininity and masculinity and their respective roles, while marginalizing anyon...

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...hrough globalization, and neocolonization; a more subtle type of exploitation and enslavement by the Anglo/Germanic man in a suit.
Via colonization, we have been divided and conquered through gender, race, and class. We have been so indoctrinated to these well defined borders and roles that we only focus on our own struggles within it, but seldom do we think about others and their own difficulties while parlaying with this order. Despite making significant headway at reversing these stratifications, more progress is left to be desired. For solidarity cannot be found within our differences, but only our similarities. Gender inequalities cannot be tackled from the specific milieu of the white bourgeois women alone, a wider net must be cast to capture all involved factors such as race, class, and the root of hegemonic masculinity in order to further mend the gaps.

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