Gender Inequality And Gender Development Essay

Gender Inequality And Gender Development Essay

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As the early years are a critical time for children to develop the rudiment of gender awareness and gender identity, early childhood teachers should create a gender-fair learning environment for children and consciously counter the issues of gender inequity when they are exposed in the child care centre. This essay focuses on how gender inequity and stereotypes are generalized in the early childhood period and methods for early childhood teachers to address gender inequity in the child care centre. It will illuminate how my understanding of gender inequity and stereotypes in early childhood education has extended from a future early childhood teacher’s perspective. It also attempts to interpret how these articles discuss the relation between gender inequity and gender stereotypes and diversity and differences in early childhood. Four peer reviewed journal articles in related to the gender issue in early childhood education are selected to be analysed and explored. The first article demonstrates that the potential gender stereotypes are embedded in the social media (e.g. magazines), which can explain how can children learn gender stereotypes from families and mass media (Hata, 2014). The second article shows that gender stereotypes can be found in early childhood teacher’s verbal expression, which may make gender-based differences larger in the child care centre (Hyun & Tyler, 2000). The third article suggests to employ queer theory to deconstruct the gender norms and provide methods for early childhood teachers to reflect on gender equity in the child care centre (Blaise & Taylor, 2012). The last article provides teachers with recommendations to create a gender-fair environment in the centre (Evans, 1998).

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... to the fact that without being perceived as a girl and expectation of she acting as a girl, Madison are provided with more options as she was playing to be boy so that she was considered to be a girl and a boy at the same time. For instance, she can wear clothes in boy’s style and she can wear girls’ clothes at any time if she wants to. Therefore, Madison was provided with more privilege and benefits that for both boys and girls rather than just girls (Blaise & Taylor, 2012). As Holland and Harpin (2015, 2013) suggested, girls who are acting as tomboy do not align with boys essentially, while they put themselves in the position of the opposite side to normative femininity. However, gender equity would not make more progress if “tomboy” behaviour is still within by heterosexual matrix, as the relations between genders have not been reversed (Blaise & Taylor, 2012).

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