Gender Inequality And Gender Bias Essay

Gender Inequality And Gender Bias Essay

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“Gender bender” is known as a person who bends the rules and standards of what is not expected from his or her gender. Gender roles are the biased ideas that society has placed on females and males. To break the bias standard that is placed on genders, I decided to bend the rules somewhat by asking a guy out on a date. I have personally never asked a guy out due to the conceived thought that the guy should always ask the girl. Before performing this task, I felt out of my realm,and a sense of desperation. While then carrying out the date, awkwardness seemed to over take me as I began falling out of my comfort zone. Through this process I learned that I have been warped by societies definition of gender, as I did not feel right taking the main role of the guy. Gender bias has socially constructed men and women into a preconceived standard on how they should present themselves.
Before asking the guy out many emotions seemed to over take me. I did not want to prelude to my date that this was a class assignment, so that there would be a better overall effect. “Rejection” was the number one word crossing my mind, due to the thought my date would think I was desperate because I was a girl asking a guy out. My femininity seemed to shape this thought and how I presented myself overall. As an example, in Women’s Lives, Gwyn Kirk and Margo Okazawa-Rey claims, “Our individual behaviors are shaped by the wider social context. Many women want to throw off the “nice girl” image”( Womens Lives p.g. 178). Due to my behaviors being shaped by social context and already having a disregarded feeling, I was scared and nervous to ask a guy out. The most daunting objection about the whole thought was stepping out of my gender role. Luckily, my date ...

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... strong feelings of nervousness, I thought once I had went on the date the feeling would subside and the date would be as if it did not matter that I had asked. In an overall theory I learned that society has conformed too much on how females and males present themselves. Even with times shifting considerably, there are still many stereotypes that are portrayed within society. Though the assignment may not have turned out as I would have liked, I learned that society still has gender biases on on females and males. kirk and Okazawa-Rey claimed, “We are freer to choose whether or not to marry and how to express out gender and sexuality” ( Womens Lives p.g. 3). However, I believe that women are still struggling for freedom every day. Performing the gender bender activity allowed for me to beware of the perceived gender biasses that are amongst society in every day life.

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