Essay on Gender Inequality : A Social Norm

Essay on Gender Inequality : A Social Norm

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Gender inequality has become a social norm in our society and we tend to ignore when it happens around us. The media have portrayed men and women as polar opposites and believe that it is normal to treat each gender a different way. One example on how the media portrays gender is in their advertisements. Many ads have shown women and men in different scenarios where one gender is sometimes dominant over the other gender. One advertisement shows a Dr. Pepper 10 can and a quote that states in bold lettering “It’s not for women”. The Dr. Pepper advertisement wants to attract a male audience while excluding women. This ad implies that the drink is masculine and that it is not for women.
This Dr. Pepper advertisement shows a can of Dr. Pepper 10 next to a full glass of the drink. In the middle of the ad, there is bold text that says “It is not for women.” On top of the advertisement is a sentence that says “All 23 flavors: Just 10 manly calories.” Under the large text is a description that reads “Welcome gentlemen, to the manliest tab on Facebook. A lady-free zone of rugged, hair-on-your-chest awesomeness that is definitely not for women.” The advertisement itself doesn’t seem to be promoting the product itself, but the message they are trying to portray. I also think it is important to point out that the big text is in a dark red and bold black possibly correlating the strong colors with the boldness of a man. The first thing that catches your eye is the text because it is in the middle of the ad and it is the same size as the product itself, which is to the side. It also hints at the idea that this drink can turn a calorie into a masculine characteristic when it mentions that it has “10 manly calories”.
One goal that this advertiseme...

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...traying is a sense of control and freedom where men can feel good about themselves while drinking a supposedly feminine drink. It changes their mindset on what you categorize as a female drink and opens up to a society where men and women can drink what they want without being judged.
Men and women are treated very differently in a community. We can see this on the media as well as our surroundings. Whether it is positive or negative, it affects that gender in a certain way. We keep accepting this type of stereotypical advertisements of the dominant male and weak female without us thinking about it. We should not group types of drinks with opposite genders because of the contents that drink has. The question is not whether we will stop it or not, but are we willing to accept each other as equal individuals with equal credentials regardless of what drink you want.

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