Gender Inequality : A Long Standing Historical And Global Problem Essay

Gender Inequality : A Long Standing Historical And Global Problem Essay

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In ancient times, many countries in the world have gender inequality. Nowadays, all over the world the situation is become better and better, but many people still hold on to this concept in the subconscious. On account of this concept, the female is limited a lot like in employment of the college graduates, at home, and in workplace. They cannot enjoy equal with the male no matter how hard they work. Gender inequality is a long-standing historical and global problem; in addition, this problem makes females become the biggest victim of the gender inequality. Gender inequality make a lot of bad effects to the female in modern time.
Gender inequality will hurt the body of woman and limit the women’s minds. Some countries will hurt female because the war or something else. In Jeffrey Gettleman’s article, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, rape and violence against women and girls is used as a tool of war. (A1) In Congo, women don’t have power or rights; they cannot against people who hurts them. Some male will do brainwashing to some young and beautiful girls in some war countries. After they finish the brainwashing, they will put some bombs on their body, and let them walk on the street which have a large number of people. When the time up, these girls will make the bombs detonate. These things are hurt not only the body of women but also their brain. Religion also is one of the best tool to hurt or limit woman. Different religions have different ways to hurt or limit their body and minds. In the past time, Christian thinks the women like hindrances to men so the women are limited a lot in the life. Female will hindrances to men this concept is come from one famous story Eve and Adam. Now, Christianity has already open...

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... These bad effect are influent their life become more hard. Education, work, home position and the body of the female and their minds are three main point which got too much hurts. Religions culture not only become a weapon which hurt a lot to the female’s body and minds but also restrict the female’s activity. Although some religion already changed their minds, still have other religion keep this concept. Some workplaces should to stop use words like “male only”, and let women do more than men’s work but don’t have enough return. It is not fair to the female. Gender inequality should not happen on education because everyone have rights to receive education. Finally, the female’s position at home is not high. The women even do not have freedom to make any decisions for their home. People should change and open their minds to receive new ideas about gender inequality.

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