Essay about Gender in Nursing

Essay about Gender in Nursing

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Are male nurses accepted by female nurses? Nursing was mainly a female career, over the year’s males are moving into the role of nursing (McMillan, Morgan & Ament, 2008). The shortage of nurses could be a factor why males are entering the nursing field. According to (McMillan, Morgan & Ament, 2008 in 1963 on 1% of nurses were male and in 2000 5.4% are male. People question a male's sexuality if they move into the nursing profession. Public’s assume that the male nurses are homosexual as cited by (McMillan, Morgan & Ament, 2008. Whereas women are accepted in the role of a physician, men are challenged by the role of nursing. A study was done to determine the attitude of acceptances of the male nurses by female nurses (McMillan, Morgan & Ament, 2008).

A quantitative-descriptive design was used to inquire the level of acceptance of male nurses by practicing female registered nurses in rural and urban areas. The setting was a large Midwestern state with urban and rural areas. This area had evident of the nursing shortage was evident (McMillan, Morgan & Ament, 2008). The university’s human subjects committee gave the approval for the study. Consents were implied if the participates returned the Personal Date Sheet and completed study tool. A power analysis determined a sample size of 144 licensed registered nurses was needed for an alpha of .05 at the .80 power level, according to McMillan, Morgan & Ament, 2008). Lists of addresses of all registered nurses were obtained. The sample was chosen by counties with 100 or less (rural area) registered nurses and counties with 2000 (urban area) or more registered nurses. Rural and Urban area would be the dependent variables. Only an in-state address and license after 1959 and female-recogn...

... middle of paper ... and women enter nontraditional occupations, acceptance would expect to increase as the individual would gain trust, competent and be an equal member to that occupation (McMillan, Morgan & Ament, 2008). Some limitations include the self-administered questionnaires because of self–reporting, rather than observation. The return rate and generalizing population results to other population are not feasible. Limiting the area did not give an excellent reference to the counties in other states. Reevaluating the study in other states and including a larger sample would be important for further evaluation. Another limitation would be the evaluation tool, focus on competence and trust, might give a more accurate picture of acceptance, rather the modified AI (McMillan, Morgan & Ament, 2008). Even though the study was not as large as expected, it does stimulate discussion.

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