Gender Imbalance And Gender Inequality Essay

Gender Imbalance And Gender Inequality Essay

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Gender imbalance in underdeveloped countries such as India is rising since gender inequality has become a social norm. People in India celebrate the birth of baby boy with joy, while the birth of a baby girl is considered a burden. In “Missing:163 Million Women”, Mara Hvistendahl is trying to reach out to developed countries such as the United States of America to make them aware of this social problem and force them to intervene virtually. Americans have been using social media sites to spread awareness of the gender imbalance while voicing their opinion on the matter. Kwane Anthony Appiahs idea of cosmopolitanism will not be enough to fix the gender imbalance in undeveloped countries because males hold all the power and will not dare listen to their women. Indian males believe they are the superior sex, this idea has been instilled in them since birth. In order to help fix gender imbalance, conversations about feminism needs to take place with the younger generation, but laws still need to be enacted regarding gender discrimination for an immediate change to actually happen.
Feminism is the idea that women are and should be treated as intellectual equals and social equals to men. This belief must be taught to the younger generation in countries such as India because it will stop gender inequality from becoming a social norm in the future. According to Appiah, children’s “knowledge came from their ancestors or from their own experiences. That is the world that shaped [them], the world which our nature was formed” (Appiah 67). Children are taught from their parents and surroundings at a young age what values they should believe in and the gender roles they are expected to fill. In India, boys are expected to work and provide fo...

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...on as a good thing rather than disappointing, without females there would be no males. Women have the honor of given birth to babies and that should not be the only special thing about them. Being male in India is like winning the lotto if you are drawing from a gene pool, females deserve to have that feeling of importance and praise as well. Undeveloped countries need to implement laws and a new social norm regarding the way they view women. Treating the birth of baby girls as a family burden needs to stop, society should be happy when all babies are born regardless of the gender. Gender discrimination should not be treated lightly because it will impact the future of the country and ultimately decide whether it will be successful or not. If they is not decent male to female birth ratio, marriage rates will go down which will lead to even more of gender imbalance.

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