Essay on Gender Identity And Sexual Orientation

Essay on Gender Identity And Sexual Orientation

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There is a lot to know about the LGBT community, and it starts with the fact that gender and sexuality are very complicated things. As society is becoming more accepting, people are using this time to discover their gender identity and sexual orientation. First off, everyone should know that gender identity is different from biological sex. Biological sex is defined by the parts a person is born with. In the article Transgender Frequently Asked Questions, gender identity is defined as how the person defines themselves, and by how they feel about their gender(Heffernan). There are many gender identities not just boy and girl, but there are ones in between such as gender-fluid. And, there are genders identities outside of boy and girl, such as non-binary or agender, meaning the person does not identify with gender at all. People who do not identify as a boy or a girl may ask to be referred to as ‘they’ or other words instead of ‘he’ or ‘she’. These are called preferred pronouns. There are transgender people who identify as a male when they were born with female parts, and vice versa. Sexual Orientation is defined by who or how a person loves(Heffernan). There are many sexual orientations, and it is not as black and white as gay or straight. Bisexuality is when a person is attracted to two genders, and pansexuality is the attraction to a person no matter what sex they are or what gender they identify as. As you can see, there is a lot of information so it is easy to get confused. The U.S. Department of Education should have middle school teach children about gender identity and sexual orientation in order to prevent confusion and give support to these children.
There is a lot of danger that comes with exploring one’s gender identi...

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... the LGBT community. Gender identity and sexual orientation should be taught in middle school as to stomp out transphobia and homophobia in our society.
A lot of the time, people blame themselves for not being ‘normal’ when in fact as Dorothy Parker says, “Heterosexuality is not normal, it is just common.” Transphobia and homophobia are very prevalent despite the national same-sex marriage law and Caitlin Jenner recently coming out. Gender identity and sexual orientation should be taught in middle schools in order to include LGBT students in sex-education, stop transphobia and homophobia, to make transitioning and understanding people easier, and to promote self love, which would lessen dysphoria and depression. With these topics being covered in middle school, teenagers would feel more comfortable in their bodies and would make self discovery a much smoother ride.

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