Gender Identity And Gender Expression Essay

Gender Identity And Gender Expression Essay

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As time and culture has advanced, society has become more accepting and inclusive of gender expression, roles, association, and identity. One’s gender identity refers to their own concept of self as female, male, or both (and sometimes neither). Gender identity correlates to what individuals call themselves and how they perceive themselves internally. Not only does gender involve identity, but it also involves expression. Gender expression refers to the way in which an individual shows their gender to the world and to society. Gender expression can be shown through style of dress, change of voice, lifestyle, and physical appearance. It is important to understand that gender identity can be the same or different from one’s assigned sex at birth. It is also important to understand that gender and sexual orientation, which are often confused, are different. While gender refers to how an individual sees themselves, sexual orientation refers to who an individual is attracted to (both physically and emotionally) and spans beyond the personal aspect of gender. A gender role refers to how men and women are expected to act and conduct themselves such as is appropriate to their gender. Individuals who refer to themselves as transgender, do not identify with the sex assigned to them at birth. This article explores the roles of family, school, and community in promoting resilience throughout the topics of gender identity, gender roles, and gender expression.
Traditionally, gender roles of men and women have been fairly straightforward, understood, and enforced. However, in modern society, “It is important to conceptualize gender as more complex than just two categories and, instead, think of gender as a spectrum” (McGuire, 2017, p. 3). By vi...

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...informative on transgender and general identity issues. I admit, I did not know a lot about this topic or about these issues prior to reading this article. I agree that family, community, and school can all play incredibly important and critical roles for providing places of trust and security, as well as inclusive and safe places for transgendered youth. I have not personally known anybody that was transgender, but I do believe that every person should have the freedom and security to live truly for themselves and who they feel they are in their natural skin. No one should have to go through the pain of disguising or masking their true identity to fit in or to satisfy others. I can’t imagine the struggles and hardship that the youth discussed in this article have had to go through. I am glad that society is working toward and striving for more equality for all.

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