Gender Identification And Expression Of Human Existence Essay

Gender Identification And Expression Of Human Existence Essay

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The most evident pillar of human existence is the unrelenting and quenchless desire to discover the unknown and uncover the mysteries of reality. In the past century, humans have figured out how to fly, walked on the moon, and begun to use phrases like “gigabits per second” and “nuclear fusion.” The question of if we will figure it out was altered to when will we figure it out, and it seemed like nothing was out of reach for human discernment. For all of these reasons, it is arguably poetic that the one thing it seems we cannot interpret is ourselves. The human mind thus presents the greatest challenge to understanding and countless hours have been dedicated to studying every aspect and every permeation of cognitive development, in order to get a grasp on the inner-workings of the human psyche. With that said, in the twenty-first century, one of the most prominent issues regarding human beings is gender identification and expression. Two schools of thought have emerged. Historically, the majority of experts conclude that gender is a predetermined result of nature and cannot be altered through one’s postnatal environment nor nurture related factors. Nonetheless, the argument for nature has been challenged in recent history with religious, social, and political tensions surrounding individuals identifying as transexuals. As a result, “conversion therapies” have become increasingly common and sex change operations have provided new opportunities for children born with damaged genitalia. Although opposing scientists disagree, the influence of nature on psychological development trumps that of nurture because nurture experiments have been largely unsuccessful and scientific data gathered on prenatal development strongly support nature’...

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...and transgender community has grown exponentially in recent years. In this light, it becomes clear that both nature as well nurture contribute to one’s gender expression. However, the results of biological factors, most especially hormone exposure, simply outpace any arguments for nurture related consequences. While child rearing might sway one’s perception of gender to the left or right, without the results of genetics, gender differences would not be as impactful. With all of this said, the reason for gender differences and expression should not be as controversial as it is. Being different and accepting differences is what separates humans from animals and thus whether it is nature or nurture that leads to gender identification is irrelevant. Hopefully the current societal trend will continue and acceptance will become a natural part of the sociocultural landscape.

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