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Gender, Gender And Sex Theory Essay examples

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“Sexual Politics, “For it is precisely because certain groups have no representation in a number of recognized political structures that they 're position tends to be so stable, their oppression so continuous” (191). For this reason, theory, among various other structures, should become more inclusive, recognizing nonbinary genders and facing issues that affect the people who identify with them. Nonbinary gender has largely been left out of feminist discourse, as well as queer theory and even trans studies. Even pivotal works on gender fail to recognize and account for the existence of non or multiple genders.
In viewing and defining feminism non-essentialism, or antifoundationalism, is vital to understanding gender and sex theory. Antifoundationalism is the disbelief in the interconnectivity of a single unified whole; in short, everything can’t be assumed to be related. Historically antifoundationalism is founded in the belief that personal experiences define a person’s life. Knowledge does not exist in a vacuum and changes with time from infinitely shifting parts. History and its timeline are not bound or stagnant so changing the definition of feminism is a form of foundational preservation in the discourse. Antifoundationalism can branch into a subgrouped category of theory called pragmatism. (Edwards 381-385) Pragmatism is a belief that truth is relative to its situation, much like a person’s gender identity is relative to the definition. (Dewey 206-207) To continue to ignore the issue of definitional differences in the nonbinary community is to accept the complexities of modern day feminism and its women’s liberation and how femininity is a broader systematic idea that people are oppressed by regardless of their identificat...

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...nd in existence far before the language of intersectionality came to be and thusly forcing feminism into the small box of only being a women’s movement is gross negligence in the face of academia and human rights. Ways to further gendernonconforming awareness and consciousness raising are to actively respect nonbinary individuals and not treating their identity as a marginalized afterthought of society and acknowledging that not languages and civilizations need to change to accommodate for their people. We must also stop spreading the idea that historically if we did not have the language for something in the past it did not exist at that point or any point beforehand. Feminism wasn’t stumbled upon. Feminism was critically drudged to the surface through unheard scripts of women and individuals. The same will and must happen with the new feminism of gender liberation.

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