Gender Gaps Within The World Essay

Gender Gaps Within The World Essay

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Gender gaps present themselves in all aspects of life, whether it be work, pop culture or even sports. These all play an extremely influential role in people’s lives. Almost every child in America plays soccer or tee ball and many continued to have sports be a part of their lives, either through participating or spectating. I was one of those kids that played a sport all year around starting at age three all the way through high school, so they have always been a major part of my life. Beginning in first grade, I played Little League baseball on a team with all boys. Even at this young age, I felt the divide between genders, especially in athletics and this continued throughout high school. Young children learn that a there is a division between genders as a result of society deeming it as normal. This normality goes unnoticed because we engrave it in our heads starting at a young age, but when one looks for them, they become extremely obvious. Pop culture, such as movies, teams’ advertising and coverage by the media, and funding for the teams by colleges cause this inequality be become incredibly obvious and play a major role in the molding of society’s views. The continuation of these differences perpetuates the idea that men are better than women in sports. Therefore, the one of the first steps to closing the gender gap is to drive college sports to be gender equal, consequently creating a domino effect and removing gender inequality in other aspects of life.
Countless aspects of life, including pop culture show gender inequality and clearly depict how society perceives athletics. Plenty of movies portray men as the dominate gender, especially when it comes to sports, but a few movies break this trend, such as She’s the Man. I...

... middle of paper ...

... might argue that the men’s teams bring in revenue for the N.C.A.A. therefore they should receive more funding when they have significant wins like the national title. However, “the women’s tournament is also a moneymaker: It is broadcast by ESPN and sells out many games” (Zimbalist). This demonstrates that the women’s team should also have a financial reward when they win the tournament. They bring in money for their school and N.C.A.A. so they should be rewarded for that. Therefore, the only acceptable answer for why women do not receive a financial compensation is sexism. Even though both teams rake in revenue, only men’s teams receive a monetary prize for their accomplishments. Women deserve honor for their endeavors just as much as their male counterparts. This discrepancy demonstrates another reason the gender inequality of college sports needs to be removed.

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