Essay on Gender Gap Within Leadership : Gender Diversity

Essay on Gender Gap Within Leadership : Gender Diversity

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Gender Gap in Leadership: Gender Diversity
Powell and Graves’s study shows that “the gender gap in leadership is a global phenomenon whereby women are disproportionately concentrated in lower-level and lower-authority leader ship positions compared to men” (as cited in Northouse, 2016, p. 399). I couldn’t have agreed more with the statement; I have come across all of people from different aspects of lives. I have noticed that females’ interactions and how they are perceived and or accepted are quite different from males, whether at the workplace, school, in social gathering like religious services, around families and friends, etc. This includes the communication, uncertainty that arises in a professional environment that must do with our genders. Do we manage the how to manage or prevent the generalization of a certain gender?
Human Capital Differences
Eagly and Carli declared that “one prominent set of explanations for the labyrinth is that women have less human capital investment in education, training, and work experience than men” (as cited in Northouse, 2016, p. 399). However, Northouse (2016) argued that there is a substantial number of women are indeed in the pipeline but that the pipeline is leaking (p. 399). This is to help them explain the perception or the belief that women are less sustainable and are threats to men’s success, and masculinity. Furthermore, its shedding light to the misery that women are not capable of doing something; nowadays, woman are more apprehensive when it comes to giving it all up to men or should I say a lot of things that the society presumed only men can do. For example, in the department where I work, there are three men, four men including my boss, and only two have a college deg...

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... there are generational differences in how women and men perceive women’s underrepresentation in high-level leadership positions; other than a maternal drive naturally instill in most women, I think a woman can be very nurturing is so many ways. I do think sometimes, not everything in a relationship, especially should always be equal, it 's healthy in a relationship for a woman let her man take charge in some situations (it makes a man feel needed). A woman can be a friend/family’s sociologist and a psychologist in nature without an academic certification or a license to show for it. However, I think it is embedded in a lot of women to know how and when to listen, embraces you with loving arms and a welcome lap for a child to be comforted. A woman can also be methodical, walks in a room confident (commands attention when needed), and sexily dressed in sweatsuits.

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