Gender Gap Between Men And Women Essay

Gender Gap Between Men And Women Essay

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Development goals have long been criticized for neglecting women 's critical role in the development process. In this essay, I will prove that the 'Women in Development ' approach served as a blueprint to significantly decrease the power gap between men and women. Despite its failure as an approach, the foundation built along with the weaknesses served as guidelines that strengthen the new approaches that followed. With that said, I argue that the Gender and Development approach is the most applicable approach to effectively eradicate the power gap between men and women in the global south, through its focus on achieving a degree of equality hereof, in the political, social and economic spheres. This argument will be proven through a critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches to overcoming gender gap, in a manner of comparing and contrasting the ability of the approaches to be implemented effectively.

Within the past years governments and NGO 's have shown greater support for Gender equality based on equal participation and appreciation for all genders. Mao-Tse-Tung once said, “women hold up the sky” (Boulding, 2012). Gender equality has become a global phenomenon that is recognized by international institutions, developing and developed countries that are key players in international development. Waves of feminist movements have resulted in the adoption of approaches that are geared towards; “Gender equality...the extent to which women are present in positions of political authority and decision making” (Boulding et al, 2012), which translates to women 's socio-economic and political participation in development. In the pursuit for equality, a more in depth focus is placed on undermined issues s...

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...d gender based, it was seen as a negative interpretation from supporters who were being categorized as being too feminist (Martinez, 2012). This developed a sense of hostility from men towards such programs rather than rather than it being embraced as a tool to promote equality.

Equality can only be achieved when both men and women are included in programs. Each approach to a certain extent is applicable either only to the global south or north. The women in development approach is more applicable in the north but not global south because although no approach is neutral in combating the unequal power dynamics between men and women, its important to not only focus on women issues but on the role of men in eradicating those inequality issues .Therefore a “Gender” based approach is vital when we are talking about equality and development.

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