Essay about Gender : Female Weapon : A Half And Half Sword

Essay about Gender : Female Weapon : A Half And Half Sword

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Name: Aemilia Livius/ Cassius

District: 2, Masonry

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Weapon: A half and half sword is her weapon of choice, but she 's also learned how to use throwing knives from her sister after receiving a handcrafted set for her mother.

Appearance: Elle is as delicate looking as a winter flower. With soft blonde hair that falls straight down and past her shoulders, she tries her best to fit the stereotype of being a gorgeous career. Her teeth are as bright as possible and stand out against her bright pink lips and tanned skin. She also has a soft jaw and slim figure that somehow still manages to hide the muscles she’s been conditioning since she was ten. Her height is 5’ 5” making her shorter than both of her siblings. If she could fix one thing it would be her sea-green eyes, she wishes they were a prettier, brighter color such as blue or purple even if she had the option to change them. Still, it’s rare to see her without a polite smile and attentive expression.

Picture link:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/stoneton5n-3-web.jpg

Personality: It’s hard growing up with other siblings, always being compared with those who came before you. Aemilia is used to it, however, her demeanor quiet and resigned to leave room for Cleo and Drusus, her older siblings. She has learned to keep people at an arm 's length and isn 't very good at making friends even though she 's an excellent speaker. Competitive and ambitious like many other tributes from two, she often goes the route of lies and sweet talking over telling the truth.

They say that one’s true colors are never revealed until they step onto the battlefield, however, Elle has been tra...

... middle of paper ...

... was 13 their family gained a victor. To be fair they had always had one, her uncle Thomas, but when her sister Cleo was drawn and emerged victoriously? It put a whole new set of expectations on Aemilia 's shoulders. She was forced to learn her sister 's weapon of choice, to take the same classes, to try to live up to an unattainable goal. When it had first happened she thought maybe it was a blessing, now they had a new victor in the family from her generation, maybe that was enough to placate their parents. It wasn 't. Her brother had already moved on and out of the house to be a Peacekeeper in the Capital when her name was drawn in the reaping. There was no way to escape it, so now her only choice is to win to prove that she 's just as good as her sister.

Token: The same one her sister carried into the arena, a golden locket with a pictures of her siblings inside.

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