Essay on Gender, Ethnic, And Religious Conflict

Essay on Gender, Ethnic, And Religious Conflict

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Gender, ethnic, and religious conflict can shape history, population, and day-to-day interactions within their countries. Austria and Belgium are both Western European countries that take part in the European Union. Even though the world is modern and globalized these two countries still face unequal treatment of women and conflicts between ethnic groups and religion.
Even though we are in a 21st century world women still face unequal opportunities within the work force and managing the “womanly” tasks within Austria. As of the European Union’s 2012 report on gender pay women are getting paid 25.5% less than a man which is much higher than the EU’s average of 16.1%. This is a running theme within Austria as women tend to go onto higher education 10% less than the average. When they do go to college they tend to study the female courses such as teaching, arts and humanities, and health care (EU Austria 2012, 4). Along with Austrian women getting paid less, and studying traditionally female controlled studies, they are also excluded at high rates from the work force, especially full-time opportunities, after having children because of traditional values in Austria. Women work part-time at 43.4% versus men at 7.8%. This could be because of the fact Austria sees childcare as a woman’s duty with only 3% of children under the age of three attending a formal daycare (EU Austria 2012, 6). Along with small amounts of children going to daycare a majority of women did the day-to-day tasks of taking care of children, 82% stayed home with a sick child, 71% are the primary parent that helps with homework, and 63% of mothers take children to school With mother’s being the primary care providers over 70% of Austrian families with children und...

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...the way childcare is thought of. Austrian women are tasked with the “motherly” tasks of raising children full-time at least for the first two years of life where Belgian women are given a statewide opportunity of childcare which 60% of children under three are taking advantage of, and the percentage only rises as the child ages. This allows for women, if they choose, to rejoin the workforce even at a part-time level to help with financial obligations to the family. With this significant difference in culture and traditions and looking at it in the 21st century western ideas of what women can do Belgium surpasses Austria in this case because they pay women at similar levels, have more freedom during motherhood, and have more opportunities for financial gain which could help lessen stress on marriages as they would have more money for bills, food, and other essentials.

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