Gender Equality Of Men And Women Essay

Gender Equality Of Men And Women Essay

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Throughout history, women had struggled to obtain equality with men. Through their research on equality, they were rejected, insulted and despised by the stately hegemony of men over them. Despite justifications as women are not fit to do a specific type of job or they are not as smart as ‘men’, they continue to thrive for acceptance in society other than being housewives. (speak about the day they obtain equality as a law) Nowadays, women still fight; they fight for their rights. The problem concerning the equality of men and women in combat is one of their austere fights in the 21st century to obtain full equality. To grasp this issue we shall understand what is gender equity in contrast of gender equality; following this we shall also know the reason for men and women to be or to not be equal in combat.
It is apodictic to say that men have always had the right to serve in combat since the former time until now, so the debate hitherto wherein men and women should serve equally or not in combat should take the perspective of the right of women to serve or not to serve in combat. Have a right by gender and also be prevented to have a right due to the gender one belong seem unfair. One or another the situation is exacting because they will always be a gap, an injustice. Therefore, the quest to find a justice where there is none could be comprehensible to the point, at least, to understand this injustice and to rectify it.
Truly, equality is not a justice only seek by women. Equality is sought by everyone who require fairness in status, right and opportunities. Be equal is live in a peaceful world without discriminations or prejudices. Be equal is to be recognized, respected and accepted in the society in which we live. In contras...

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...avocs that they could not even bear it. “Nearly 8 percent of women in the Marine Corps were sexually assaulted in the past year, according to new data released by the Defense Department and the Rand Corp” (Seck). Women are fragile creatures who could be assaulted and raped by men. Desire to be equal in combat means being able to bear those confrontations and challenges that women could meet in the military.
In conclusion, the military proposes to both men and women a place where they could be useful. However, it goes without saying assumptions and facts pushed men and women to not have the same right that they look for and deserve to in the military. The choice of whether men or women be equal get back at us, the nation being a democracy. Having this heavy task, we should aware of the realities to make better judgment in order to live equally and in the community.

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