Gender Dysphoria Caused by Gender Identity Essay

Gender Dysphoria Caused by Gender Identity Essay

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Gender Dysphoria caused by Gender Identity
Gender as defined by society as a division between biological sex and the roles you must take on in society. In reality gender is a true spectrum that does not follow a simple linear pattern. There are three major aspects that make a person who they are inside. These aspects are Sex, Gender and Gender Identity.
Gender Identity
Gender identity is basically the concept that gender is not easily divided into two classic genders as is the popular belief. Gender identity is how someone feels inside. Someone’s gender identity can align with the sex they are assigned, it can align with the sex they were not assigned and it can ever align with no recorded identity before.
Gender revolves around the social aspects assigned to each gender. The term gender may not be exactly referring to someone’s gender identity so the terms are not always interchangeable. Gender includes aspects of social like that are assigned to men or women. An individual’s gender identity is not an equal variable to their sex that they were assigned at birth. Sex is the biological sex that your reproductive system and genital organs align with.
No one has control over their sex the same way no one has any control over their gender identity. In the words of the Planned Parenthood Organization “Our gender includes a complex mix of beliefs, behaviors and characteristics”. Certain aspects of our life are determined by what someone’s particular culture designates to each gender. These aspects create what we know as gender roles.

Another misconception about someone’s gender is that sexual orientation determines your gender. Sexual orientation is just about as much of the spectrum display that ...

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...eir sexualities and genders. Prejudice against alternative genders and the establishment of gender roles are very harmful to the fabrics of our society. Alternative gender identities are real and they affect everyone in one way or another. If humans are ever going to grow as a society they need to learn the complexities of ourselves.
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