Gender Dominance Between Male and Female Essay

Gender Dominance Between Male and Female Essay

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The Dominance Switch between Males and Females
In the novels, Madame Bovary and The House of the Spirits, the authors Gustave Flaubert and Isabel Allende demonstrate characterization in their texts to establish evolving gender dominance within the characters. In the book, Madame Bovary the setting takes place in the mid-1800s in France. In the novel House of Spirits, the setting takes place in the twentieth century in Tres Marias. This essay emphasizes on how characterization in these stories establish a change between genders. While reading this essay, the audience will expect a reversal affect of gender roles where women’s assistance presents opportunities to address the success of men. In addition, the authors highlight women’s inability to accomplish desires. Finally, the novel Madame Bovary uses Emma to present women using sexual desires to acquire physical and emotional needs.
In the novels, Madame Bovary and House of Spirits, scenes indicate different forms of translation to display reversal gender roles between men and women to explicate how women control over power has changed their roles in society. In Madame Bovary, the narrator states, “she had, like a man, thrust between two buttons of her bodice a tortoise shell eyeglasses” (Flaubert, 19). In this quote, the female character portrays herself as a man placing her eyeglasses through her shirt, which represents the style of a man in the mid-1800s. In the novel, when Emma is thinking of Rodolphe, she thinks of “his lowered long, fine, curled-up eye lashes. His cheek with its soft skin, reddened” (Flaubert, 220). In this text, Rodolphe is portrayed as a feminine character. Furthermore, in the novel House of Spirits, in the beginning of the book, the audience sees ...

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...e genders. Secondly, the authors reveal gender dominance to observe a reversal affect of gender roles. Next, characterization of women’s praises addresses many successes of men. In addition, the authors highlight women’s inabilities to accomplish their desires. In one novel, the characters present a woman using sexual desires to acquire physical and emotional needs. Although the audience observes the male figure depending on the female figure to survive in the novels, the same actions occur within today’s society. In most families, researchers contemplate female figures as “backbones” of their families. Female figures make critical decisions to assist their families with family conflicts.

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