The Gender Diversity Issues That Affect Technology Businesses And Venture Capital Firms

The Gender Diversity Issues That Affect Technology Businesses And Venture Capital Firms

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attention to the gender diversity issues that affect technology businesses and venture capital firms, the data shows that women in leadership are barely found (Seidenberg, 2015).
Many women (15% of VC, 3% of CEO, 6% of VC partners) consider more non-analytic professions because (Brush, Greene, etc. ,2015) of lack of permanent women’s benefits such as paid maternity leave and no work-life balance. Women accounted 10% of the fellows of KPCB in 2013, it increased to 24% in 2014. However, the male/female ratio is still dominated by men. Also, innovation is an important factor that contributes to business success, employers often gather ideas from employees through innovation (Bianca, 2015).
No fresh minds for the past n-years
Due to the inequity of the ratio of women at KPCB, less women were hired in years prior to 2012. As a result, the KPCB fellowship program has been diluted due to a lack of women. Because of lack of gender and multicultural population at all levels of the organization (not just the fellowship program), lack of synergy, creative ideas, and efficiency to the workforce are observed. KPCB does not consider involving female talent in China.

Initial thoughts and recommended solutions:
Business impact without diversity
According to the UN Women annual report, “It is estimated that companies with three or more women in senior management functions score higher in all dimensions of organizational effectiveness.” Diversification of KPCB is an important part of venture developments outside of the United States; diversification increases ability to use know-how in multicultural settings, as well as develop F:M ratio based on open-minded thinking.
By lacking diversity, both multicultural and multigender aspects will be aff...

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... the metrics/performance tools to reinforce accountability based on work performance (not race, gender, etc) this ensures internal validity in performance measures.
All employees: Enhance the capabilities of all genders that enable them to sponsor change through dual or collaborative projects.
Managerial level: All leaders must model the change, direct supervisors can help sustain change.

Avoiding gender biases effectively may require outsourcing such as involving third party to the review policy process (e.g., annually satisfaction surveys, quarterly performance process), evaluate gender ratio promotions as well as hiring process evaluation (e.g., create a structured hiring processes). Utilizing workforce planning can help determine, how many of those new hires are going to be women and analyzes the trajectory of women who have been hired over the years.

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