Gender Diversity Is A Serious Problem Essay

Gender Diversity Is A Serious Problem Essay

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The gender diversity is a serious problem in most STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) industry. In our company, iNova, there is a serious lack of gender diversity that we only have 24 percent female in the workplace.

First, our company should understand the importance of gender diversity. In the first article “Why Workplace Gender Diversity Matters”, Anne Marsan pointed out directly that most tech companies lack of gender diversity. Then she explained several reasons why gender diversity matters to companies. Using logos, she mentioned that women in U.S. purchased 50 percent of computers, 50 percent of cars and 80 percent of consumer goods. In other words, organizations with gender diversity are better to connect with customers and create products with market needs. Also authors cited the words from famous institution to illustrate that gender diversity can help innovation and problem solving. Therefore, our company should consider to increase gender diversity to help our company better.

Secondly, our company should respond to this serious problem rather than ignore. In the second article “Why is gender diversity so much easier than to solve than racial diversity”, Micah Singleton (2015) mentioned that most major companies had shown they are lack of gender diversity from the recent statistic. When asked them to change this situation, most of companies including Snapchat, GoPro and Uber were unresponsive and some of companies including Tesla and Netflix even declined. Using a specific example as logos, Singleton (2015) mentioned Airbnb who wants to improve gender diversity in the workplace as a good role to illustrate the approach that the company can make to increase gender diversity.

Finally, our company...

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... three recommendations which can adopt to our companies to hopefully improve our gender diversity.

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