Gender Diversity And Its Effect On Society 's Expectations By The Genderfuck Panel Ready Caught My Attention

Gender Diversity And Its Effect On Society 's Expectations By The Genderfuck Panel Ready Caught My Attention

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I found the topics discussed last week really interesting, that of gender blending, but the genderfuck panel ready caught my attention. I come from a close-minded, religious family that bites into society’s expectations. They remain living in the binary world that has taught us that there are only two acceptable genders, male and female, and as a result everything we do is shaped by that idea. Therefore, my parents reinforced the gender expectations by the way they raised me. They taught me how to act, what I can and can’t say or do and even what to wear. My toys, my clothes, my girl friends all influenced what it meant to be a girl. Growing up I never questioned it, since that was the norm for me; my parents set the perfect example of what marriage should look like. As a result, I never thought about the possibility of ever becoming or feeling like a man, or simply dating another woman. I was socialized to believe I was a woman, and therefore I should wait for my prince charming, accepting and fitting into gender conformity roles. However, I never really thought about what it means to not feel or connect with your assigned gender. The genderfuck panel gave me the opportunity to see what life is like for those that do not identity with society’s expectations. It was a different learning experience that I really enjoyed. I loved the way the panel presented themselves, and in general the confidence they had. Nonetheless, I was really touched by Maurice Harris’ story, through his words he was able to bring up the conflict that his identity brings to his family, but I loved the way he faced it.
In addition to the genderfucks, domestic violence and rape creates another set of vulnerable individuals. Caroline Heldman’s lecture, Confront...

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...l, these batters are not only performing masculinity but are also reinforcing the gender hierarchy that exists. In addition, the article Sexual Harassment and Masculinity: The Power and Meaning of “Girl Watching” by Beth A. Quinn focuses on the concept of “girl watching”, this idea that hold power and men at the center of it all. With this in mind, the article suggests that men view women as nothing but a sexual object and it is there where they erase who they really are. The role that objectification and lack of empathy plays an important role in men’s girl watching, due to the fact that they learn to see a women as nothing more than an object, which not only devalues women but creates the space for sexual harassment. Therefore, this is just another way through which gender is performed and how that all reinforces the gender inequalities society has in place for us.

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