Essay on Gender Distribution Of The Class

Essay on Gender Distribution Of The Class

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In many developing countries where parents have the traditional patriarchal mentality, female could only receive the primary education. Unlike male, large numbers of females are force to get marry in their early age. However, globalization helped these families opened their eye, and makes these parents suddenly realize that a better education environment should be created for their female kids as well.
Through the class observation, the researcher found that the gender distribution of the class (SOC4314-Gender Relations) is very unequal. There are only three males registered for this class, and the rest of twenty students are all females. And not only so, these three males had never actively participated in class discussion or asking questions. In contrast, women, especially domestic female students did great job on their class performance. From observation, the researcher found that domestic female students are more willing to make themselves fully involve in the class, and they could always raise questions regarding to the professor’s arguments.
Comparing with domestic female students, international female students are shy and less confident. Due to culture background and language barrier they are rarely speaking in class. Both of interviewees who participate in this research are female international students. One of them from Nigeria and the other one come from Mainland China.An interviewee expressed “I feel very anxious and nervous about sharing my idea with domestic students, English is not my first language, it’s very stress for me”. This is a very common problem experienced by female students who come from developing countries. The Chinese interviewee believes that actually female international students are p...

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...reated positive effect on promote gender equality. However, it is difficult to measure which factors contribute the most.

Globalization plays significant role on reduce the gender inequality in global academia. It is embodied in,more female students from the third world countries are encouraged to get western education. Although female international students are not as active as domestic students, people still cannot deny their effort on study. For international students who come from third world countries, study abroad could change their life trajectory and brings unlimited possibility for their future. Beside, they are not only get the opportunity to see the world but also have chance to learn foreign culture in depth. All in all, study abroad is beneficial for people’s personal development as well as helping them accumulate more life experience.

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