Gender Disparities and Maternal Health Essay

Gender Disparities and Maternal Health Essay

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Gender disparities and maternal health

Underlying mean of the health problems in our country, are poverty and poor education. Differences in socioeconomic status are seen for most conditions, diseases and sick factors in this country. The social distribution of health and social causes, which most effect health, must be understood and addressed. Total public and private health expenditure in Pakistan represents 2-3 %of the gross domestic product. (GDP). In 1990, less then 1% of GDP was allocated to public health care with private expenditure accounting for the rest. This is well below international standards because of the low levels of expending; it becomes critical to evaluate the impact of government policies of people’s health. In addition to direct provision of various governments influence health delivery in indirect ways through their policies towards medical education and regulations.
Maternal health has been seen as an issue of immediate concern for the developing countries. Socio-cultural factors in many developing countries particularly; those in Asia are leading to increased maternal mortality due to poor health. This fact can be seen from the social and cultural trends in these countries because of these factors various disabilities, inadequacies and even deaths are increasing. Differential in socio-economic status are seen for most conditions diseases and risk factors in this country. The social distribution of health and the social causes, which most affect health, must be understood and addressed.

In Pakistan, there are estimated 300 to 640 maternal deaths per 100,000 and annually 30,000 mothers die in every 20 minutes. Many more suffer to other disabilities and diseases. Unfortunately, the overall picture a...

... middle of paper ...

... expectations for women then men.

The practice of gender seclusion makes it difficult for women to access services outside their homes and it is difficult for female health workers to travel alone or in company of men in certain areas of country. Change in concepts and attitudes is required and that can only come through education of entire society, both men and women.

Overall, the government of Pakistan has failed to address the health needs of the vast majority of the population especially in rural areas due to inadequate health policies and programs. However, women are the worst suffer of poor and limited health facilities in Pakistan and face high risk due to social and cultural factors that their mobility and their access to basic and reproductive health care which is mostly available at distant locations and inattention to their needs during pregnancy.

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