Essay on Gender Discrimination Within The Workplace

Essay on Gender Discrimination Within The Workplace

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Gender discrimination in the workplace is something that both men and women experience, women more than men. For instance, the current gender pat gap is 21 percent. This means that women are currently making 21 percent less than what their male counterparts are making. It has decreased over the years, but it is still a significant gap. In the workplace, women do not only experience discrimination in pay, but also in opportunities. An article states that, women are deemed less communal than men and that makes them less suited for certain careers (Miner, et. al, 2014). This thought alone puts women at a disadvantage when they are entering the labor force.

The “glass ceiling” is a barrier to advancement that affects women when they work in “male-dominant fields.” One of the people I interviewed was a 20-year-old Caucasian female who currently works at an office/warehouse that has mostly males. She stated that “shipping, transportation and logistics have always been a male dominated profession,” and it is something she had to get used to when she choose the major she wanted (supply chain). When asked about the “glass ceiling” and advancement in the future she stated that “from my experience in getting jobs, when I go into interviews I feel that they give me a fair chance and if I’m the best candidate that they will choose me.” This perspective is a bit different from another person that I interviewed. This person was a 22-year-old Caucasian male who majored in Public Relations. He stated that, “in PR it is more common for females to work with brands that relate to women such as cosmetics, and he was told that men do not usually work on those accounts.” When asked if he would pursue that position if the opportunity aroused, he decli...

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...tter any further.

Both women decided to do something about the harassment they received and it ended well for both of them. However, there are cases where women don’t say anything or they do and nothing makes a difference. Anything thing to note, is that these two women were harassed in two very different fields. Where you work does not stop you from being sexually harassed. There needs to be a lot of step done to prevent sexually harassment from happening, especially in the workplace, and women should be more encouraged to speak up if they are uncomfortable. While I did only interviewed two men, I do wonder if most men have never experienced sexually harassment in the workplace and what is the ratio compared to women. I do hope that there can be more done to prevent this and this assignment was very eye opening to what gender inequality is like in the workplace.

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