Gender Discrimination : The Worst Thing You Can Call A Girl Essay

Gender Discrimination : The Worst Thing You Can Call A Girl Essay

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Jessica Valenti’s statement,The worst thing you can call a girl is a girl, the worst thing you can call a guy is a girl. Being a women is the ultimate insult. Now tell me that 's not messed up, says a lot about society and our views on women. Women are seen as an insult, which is incredibly sexist. Women have been degraded and stereotyped for years, it has been a sexist issue for a long time now. Sexism is the discrimination issue genders, mostly women. In today 's society, sexism against women has became the normal.

Women have been given high expectations and it 's almost becoming a task to act,dress, and be a certain way if women want respect and equality. Women have to work harder, especially in the workplace environment. Women are being paid less than men even if women are given the same job. There is no ideal reason to why women are paid less, it 's just the workplace being a sexist environment. According to it is said that carrer fields that make women seem more “attractive” like Caretaking and teaching, is a lowered pay because its said to be “women’s work”. “Women make 5% less than male colleagues”, said in 5% may not seem like much but it amounts to $1,750 a year. Imagine your check being almost $2,000 less than your male colleague. This is sexist, and gender pay inequality. How will women ever get the respect they deserve as humans? Women nowadays can not walk down the street without being cat-called. In a viral social experiment video, a women was recorded as she casually strolled down the busy streets of New York. Comments like “Hey! Look it there!”, “You don 't wanna talk to me?”, and “Hey Baby!”, were shouted multiple times at the young women. This shows how disgusting an...

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... do violence acts to men and there 's no correlation to women wanting equality. Women degrade men. Women will say “all men are the same” , how sexist is that? Women stereotype men as “lazy” or “big kids”, which ties men together as being “all the same” because men did not give a women what she desired in a relationship. It wouldn 't be fair if men stereotyped women so why should women stereotype men? Men go through the same issues of sexism just like women. Men are being discriminated for their everyday acts. As a result, reverse sexism is real.
Sexism is real, it 's an issue that women have to deal with on a day to day basis, simply because of their gender. Women go through the hardships of being harassed and the media displays that and showcases sexism in today 's society. Sexism is an inequality discriminative act and there should be more awareness towards it.

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