Gender Discrimination For African Americans Essay

Gender Discrimination For African Americans Essay

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: This article goes on to talk about how mostly, minority have more difficulty of finding a job than whites when they get out of prison. People of color are more impacted by this predicament. The impact of having a criminal record mostly amongst African Americans who may already experience racial discrimination in the labor market is rougher than that of being white. The arrest record keeps many people unemployed even if they have served their punishment, or are qualified for the job they have applied to. Studies by Devah Page proves that a criminal record reduces the likelihood of getting a call back or job offer by 50 percent. This in turn makes it harder for African Americans to get a job than white applicants. African Americans are not the only minority that are suffering this “penalties” but also Latinos.
On a given day 1 in 100 United State adults are behind bars according to the Pew Center. From a figure that was given in the article, it is stated that 1 in 54 men are incarcerated compared to that of 1 in 265 women. Young, male, African Americans high school dropouts have a higher chance of being in jail than being employed and 1 in 20 children have parents who are incarcerated in that, people of color are severely affected. One in 9 African American children’s have an incarcerated parent. According to the recent studies “25 percent of African Americans born after 1990 will witness their father being sent to prison before their 14th birthday”.
Many who are incarcerated consist largely of men who have many years exhibited the same pattern of criminal involvement, in this, 68 percent of them abuse drugs, 60 percent of them do not have a high school diploma. Thirty percent are unemployed within a month of their arrest, whi...

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...went to jail or is going to jail. On the other hand, it also makes sense that they would act out and end up being sent to prison because they have no father figure to guide them. I say this because African American father are the ones who are being incarcerated mostly. Like stated in the article 25 percent of African American children will witness their father being sent to prison before their 14th birthday. It also makes sense that employers refuse to hire someone that went to jail before. If I was an employer I would be afraid to hire someone like that also, if not for me then for the public. I would not want anyone that might put my business in danger. What is important is that their rights to apply and be considered for the job is not taken. Although African American find it harder to be employed than white, they were still given a chance after background checks.

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