Essay on Gender Discrimination And The United States

Essay on Gender Discrimination And The United States

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The signing of the Declaration of Independence proclaimed that “…all men are created equal…” and ever since, Americans have been pursuing this equality. However, it is evident that at the moment this document was signed not all Americas were equal since women were not entitled to certain rights and African Americans were still being enslaved. There have been vast changes made within the United States’ social system that have attempted to prove that all men are created equal in this country since 1776, nonetheless, discrimination is still present, whether due to gender, race or income.
Gender discrimination has taken place all throughout American history and is still alive and well today. For the majority of this country’s past, men have always been the dominant gender and women have constantly lived under a man’s rule. Throughout the past decades, this way of life has been altered in a way that has benefited women but only to an extent. While women in today’s society are no longer denied rights like education or health care and are now present in almost every aspect of the workplace, they still face some restrictions. Women in the workplace are paid less than men, are least likely to get promoted and are discriminated based on their appearance and physical capability. On average, women make “…77 cents to every dollar a man earns…”(Hegewisch, “The Gender Wage Gap”). This discrimination towards women is an issue that has yet been resolved in the United States, however, women are not the only victims of unfair treatment.
Although men are generally more “privileged” than women in the United States today, men are still discriminated. If a relationship between a man and a women fails, a women receives custody of the children 92% of ...

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... poor neighborhoods, receive a lessened education and a lower quality of healthcare. This inequality of income results in a widening gap between the rich and the poor. Since white household have about 13 times as much money as black households (White. “Inequality Between America 's Rich and Poor”), many minority families are stuck in an endless cycle. Since they receive a lower income, they cannot send their children to a good university. Since these children will not receive a higher education, they will struggle to find a good paying job to support themselves and their families.
While the United States has undergone numerous changes in order to prove that all men are created equal, much of these efforts have been counterproductive. Whether it is due to race, gender or income, discrimination is present in the lives of many minorities who live in the United States.

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