Essay about Gender Discrimination And The Fourteenth Amendment

Essay about Gender Discrimination And The Fourteenth Amendment

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Imagine living in a society where an individual’s future and way of life is solely based on their gender. Does that sound preposterous? The United States is one of many nations to possess a Constitution incorporating rights awarded to every citizen; however, several rights are violated daily. The Fourteenth Amendment holds the most commonly used phrase, “equal protection of the laws,” allowing equal rights for every citizen of the United States. One of the most violated rights, under the Fourteenth Amendment, is gender discrimination. Many factors contribute to inequality between men and women in our everyday lives. Some factors include the early history of internal war conflicts, leadership roles, along with the physical build of men and women. Actions that could improve the lives of individuals affected by gender inequality could include lawsuits in the workplace, stricter laws with stronger enforcement of the government, an increase of funding to protect time off awarded to men or women, and educating individuals about stereotypes within the workplace.
Men have always been the ones who brought home the bread for the family while women stayed at home as a mother to cook and clean all day. Yes, this culturally was acceptable in the 1800’s as a social norm, but in the twenty-first century, an update is well deserved. It was not until 1948 that women received full military status in all branches. This is what started the idea of men being the only individuals to have a career supplying an income and obtaining a higher pay than women. Kevin Miller writes, “Women working full time in the United States typically were paid just 80 percent of what men were paid, a gap of 20 percent? While the number has gone up one percentage point from...

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... of gender roles, concepts of all genders earning leadership roles with trust, and physical shape of all genders are all components that lead to gender inequality in society. Actions that can be done to improve the lives of individuals affected by gender discrimination could include filing a lawsuit with the government for immediate attention, encourage an increase in funding for women to take appropriate time off work, educate individuals in the workplace about stereotypes, and update laws built off the national government regarding gender equality throughout the nation. Movements regarding men and women need to be recognized nationally in order for everyone in the nation to truly understand gender equality and discrimination. For gender inequality to reduce in the future it is essential for all individuals of all genders to work together and conquer discrimination.

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