Essay about Gender Discrimination And Religious Issues

Essay about Gender Discrimination And Religious Issues

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If I mention infant mortality, most people will think that in a rural and poor family, they have no money, cannot afford decent basic food and expensive supplements or it is difficult to even go to a large hospital. At the time of childbirth, women can only go to some small clinics or even just give birth at home. Due to lack of nutrition and medical resources, it is easy to make neonate have low weight and infected by diseases which lead to death during infancy. Even pregnant women during childbirth are affected by dystocia, but there are lacks of modern medical supplies that can promptly rescue them, which lead to infant mortality. Many people think that infant mortality just because of some material causes like poverty or old-fashioned medical treatment conditions. Actually, there are some ideological reasons can also lead to infant mortality in India. The most important are gender discrimination and religious issues.
The first is the issue of gender discrimination. "Indian society is patrilineal, patriarchal, and patrilineal" (Ahmad 14). Indians have an extremely patriarchal ideology; even in most Indians minds, looking up to men and down on women is historical, cultural, and immutable. Women are born with a lower status than men, so that if a family has both a son and a daughter in most cases parents will give better resources to their son instead of their daughter. It is hard for women to get attention, difficult for them to get healthy foods, to get enough nutrition, and to obtain good education (Ahmad 14-15). However, a female is the mother; a fetus will stay in the mother 's womb for 8 to 10 mouths. If a woman is being neglected from childhood to adulthood, the result is that she will have poor health. The fetus will be l...

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... consanguineous couples are not healthy from the day they are born, “death" will come naturally. Therefore, a large number of consanguineous marriages will cause a high rate of infant mortality in India, especially, in South India.
Most people believe that the causes of infant mortality are only material factors. Nonetheless, in fact, ideological and cultural factors also largely cause infant mortality. Besides, ideological problems are more difficult to resolve than problems related to material. These ideas are traditional, historical, inherited for millenniums, and more important is that these ideologies are bred-in-the-bone in Indian minds. Although it is very difficult to solve these problems, I still hope the government of India or the Indian people can find some solutions. Let lives that have the opportunity to come in the world safely and successfully grow up.

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