Gender Discrimination And Its Effects On Women Essay

Gender Discrimination And Its Effects On Women Essay

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Specific Aims
Although our nation is becoming increasingly more progressive, gender discrimination still exists for many women. The specific aim of this experiment is to measure the ability of women to complete a focus and attention task after having been questioned about stereotype threat, gender discrimination, disadvantage and privilege. Guided by previous research, this proposed experiment hypothesizes that there will be a significant difference in attention task scores for female participants in male dominated areas of study and attention task scores for female participants in female dominated areas of study.
History and Significance
Previous research has shown us that there are patterns of adverse psychological effects on women who pursue degrees in subjects that are historically dominated by men (Steele, James, & Barnett, 2002). Per the National Center for Education Statistics, those subjects include math, engineering, and hard sciences like chemistry and biology, while female-dominated subjects include liberal arts, communications, education, and social sciences like psychology and the humanities. These adverse effects are characterized by experiencing stereotype threat or anticipating gender discrimination from fellow students or future colleagues, disidentification from their major or career field, and total avoidance of discrimination and stress related to anticipation of discrimination by changing majors to pursue a career in a more female dominated field.
Stereotype threat is the “uncomfortable feeling that arises when people are at risk of confirming a negative stereotype in the eyes of others” (Steel et al., 2002). Individuals who experience stereotype threat worry that if they perform poorly it will be automat...

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...disciplinary) rated on the same 5-point scale. Upper classmen of male dominated majors, will be asked how strongly they considered changing their major to female-dominated major also rated on the same 5-point scale.
Participants will sign an informed consent form and told that the survey could take up to 15 or 20 minutes after which they are free to leave. Participants will be asked to indicate their age, class level, major, years in college, and how many semesters they have taken off from their college education if applicable. They will complete the 25 question survey and upon leaving they will first sign out to receive their extra credit points or their research volunteer credit, and lastly, if they are interested in receiving any additional information pertaining to the study, they are invited to leave their email address or other contact information.

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