Gender Differences Within The Workplace With The Glass Ceiling And Wage Gap

Gender Differences Within The Workplace With The Glass Ceiling And Wage Gap

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“How men and women differ: Gender differences in communication styles, influence tactics, and leadership styles” is another article explaining gender differences in leadership. According to the article, women encounter different challenges in the workplace with the glass ceiling and wage gap being the most popular issues. Though, in the United States the male-female wage gap has decreased, the women still earn about 77% of the amount men get. In matters concerning education, women are earning the same degrees as men but they make the small number of working people as compared to men. For example, in 2010 women in United States made up 47.2% of the students taking law and 36.8% of MBAs received.
Moreover, there is a psychological difference in the way men and women communicate and try to influence others. According to the research, women tend to have cooperative and polite communication characteristics while men use assertiveness, aggressive as well as powerful communication traits (Merchant, 2012). In attempting to influence others, male managers tend to use tactics such as assertiveness, personal appeal while female managers use consultation, ingratiation appeal and exchange tactics with their male counterparts. Gender differences seen in leadership styles can be linked with the gender variations in communication and influence tactics. Lastly, I recognize the efforts of the women’s liberation movements in ensuring equality between men and women in the workplace. According to the article, women have been neglected in many areas especially in jobs opportunity and thus the leadership style differences can be associated with the difference in communication and influencing tactics.
“Gender and leadership style: A field study in diff...

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...nces existing in the leadership are due to the stereotypes that people have towards women.
The articles discussed above shows that gender differences in leadership occur although the number of women in leadership positions has increased over the decades. Therefore, we should do away with the gender stereotypes in leadership that are based on feminine or masculine. There is a need to acknowledge the diversification of abilities in people and view them as individuals and not as members of a particular gender. I support the finding that the leadership style of men will change if only women are considered as leaders. Women like the men have the qualities and leadership attributes that can qualify for to leadership positions. In this sense, we should try our best to eliminate any gender difference in leadership to offer an inclusive leadership style.

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