Gender Differences Between Males And Females Essay

Gender Differences Between Males And Females Essay

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20. According to Dr. Sheehan (guest lecture), why do some people get diagnosed with ASD earlier in their life (ex- age 2), and others get diagnosed later in life (ex- age 62)?
a. Gender differences between males and females
b. Family support
c. If someone is doing well in school, it is less likely that they would be “flagged.”
d. All of the above are reasons she mentioned.

21. Which of the following choices does NOT correctly pair intervention type with its intervention strategy for ASD?
a. Knowledge-based intervention; role play
b. Knowledge-based intervention; didactics
c. Performance-based intervention; teaching explicit rules
d. Performance-based intervention; targeted activities

22. Which of the following types of interventions are NOT considered to be evidence-based in terms of their efficacy?
a. Facilitated communication
b. Rebirthing therapy
d. Both A & B

23. Which is NOT a common feature of early interventions?
a. Usually a team of professionals works together to assess and design approaches for individual needs (e.g., IFSP team).
b. The therapist sees the child for an hour every few weeks.
c. It is designed to target specific challenges.
d. As the interventionist, one would often go to the home or daycare to deliver the service.

24. Early intervention can start as early as _________ years old.
a. Zero
b. One
c. Two
d. Three

25. A therapist is seen playing with a child in his home environment, using the child’s preferred toys/activities. She then finds opportunities within the preferred activities to try to encourage development of a given skill, with the aim of moving the child to the next developmental “step.” This therapist is likely to be using:
a. ABA
b. DIR/Floortime
d. CBT

26. Ac...

... middle of paper ...

...employ some of the strongest, most stringent methodological standards used in the ASD treatment literature, and should be models for how to develop and evaluate other interventions in the field.

30. According to Dr. Lerner in the final class of the semester, which of the following is something he hopes you all will take away from this class?
a. A deeper understanding of the full range of experiences – challenges as well as strengths – that people with autism may encounter in their lives.
b. A greater ability to be a careful consumer of science in general, including the ability to skeptically evaluate claims in view of the current scientific literature.
c. A willingness to grapple with some challenging questions, both for yourself and your family, regarding what you would do if you or a member of your family has a child with autism in the future.
d. All of the above.

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