Gender Differences Between Chinese Students And British Students Essay

Gender Differences Between Chinese Students And British Students Essay

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Li and Kirkup (2007) researched gender differences in Internet use between Chinese students and British students. They found that men in both countries were more likely to use emails or chat rooms than women in both countries. However, gender differences when using the Internet were higher in Britain than China. They concluded that British women in their study had negative computer experiences at school or home when they started use computers. Fisher et al. (2004) explain that in Western industrial society, women are more likely to take domestic and nurturing roles than men do. However, men in this society are more likely to provide the material resources and to take a role in the paid economy than women do. Kobayashi (2002) found in his study that Japanese women had more positive images than men had. For example, Japanese women saw jobs that involve high use of English as intelligent jobs. They also thought in order to succeed in job hunting, English was important to get a better job. Therefore, Japanese women tend to study English as their major at universities. This point supports the data by the recent survey conducted by the ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology, Japan (2014), out of 371, 212 students in total, 127, 723 male students are enrolled in this area while 243, 489 female students are enrolled in the same area. According to Educational Testing Service (ETC) (2013), it reports some culture differences on taking TOEIC test. Countries which have a large population of men take TOEIC tests are Bangladesh (91% of men), Saudi Arabia (79%), Pakistan (76%), Turkey (73%) and United Arab Emirates (73%). Countries which a large population of women take TOEIC tests are Hong Kong (72% of women)...

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...ults of this study in general showed the gender stereotype that women were better at learning languages than men. In general, women in this study scored more A+ and fewer F than men did. However, there was one exception where male students scored more A+ than female students in their final presentations. This could be explained as one of the male gender stereotypes that men were competitive (Holmes, 2003) because men in this study tried to recover their scores from their mid-term presentation in which they scored badly. This study focused on examining gender differences on their grades of English subjects. Therefore, further research is needed to explore whether male students still perform better in science subjects than female students. This study suggests that language teachers could be aware of gender stereotypes in language classes which still exist.

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