Gender Between Female And Female Nurses Essays

Gender Between Female And Female Nurses Essays

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Recently, the world is moving to an era that gender equality has to be made in most of the aspects. There are multiple controversies about gender differences leading to different career choices. Male nurses having fewer population than female nurses is one of the most debatable topic in this issue. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2009 shows that only 5.8% of U.S nurses is men ("Men In Nursing: Being A Male Nurse - Statistics And Discrimination"). Therefore, this research essay will analyze and discuss the reasons that would cause this gender imbalance in nursing.

Firstly, the first possible reason that causes men to choose other careers except nursing is the influence of traditional gender roles. People expect men to do certain things and it goes with women as well due to the gender traditional roles. Male nurses are less possible to work as the same as female nurses in some special areas in nursing ("The New Zealand Nursing Workforce" 14-15). Statistics show that only 2% and 0.4% of male nurses in family planning and obstetrics as well as public health and school health respectively. This shows that it would be hard for men to give treatments for female patients in sensitive areas. It would be better if female nurses take care of those, because it is female’s duties in that past that taking care of other female’s sensitive zones and it could be impossible for male nurses to be as equal as female nurses in this field. Even though, the gender equality is established world wide recently, there are still some places, some situation and some fields that men could not be as equal as the women and the other way around it. Asian countries, where tradition still remains popular, is an excellent example ("Equality And D...

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...for them to handle in one moment. Therefore, working as a male nurses would be a burden of pressure weighing on men’s shoulder because they have to take care of their families’ finances, safety and well-beings while they have to take care of other patients as well and it would be a obstacle challenging men to joining the male nurse workforce.

In conclusion, male and female’s nursing ratio being imbalanced, which is caused by traditional gender roles, gender boundaries and responsibilities, is a common problem that most of the countries need to get it fixed. Nations could have given more recommendations to address this issue in order to have a balanced ratio of men and women in nursing workforce around the globe, because people are aiming at the global equality in most of the aspects in life and fixing this problem could help humanity to have an small achievement.

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