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Gender As A Social Construct Essay

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We should do away with what is currently known as ‘masculinity’ because it is a constricting entity that is exclusive to certain kinds of men and is socially constructed. Masculinity itself stems from the ideas of gender. Gender itself is socially constructed. Lorber states how, “gender is constantly created and re-created,” in society (Lorber 55). It is a widely believed concept and key feminist theory that social constructionism is how gender should be viewed; social constructionism being the notion that gender is a social construct and not related to genitalia, and the ‘correct’ execution of gender changes across time and space throughout different societies (Launius and Hassel 27). Fausto-Sterling comments saying that gender and genitals are often intertwined, and yet they should not be (Fausto-Sterling 111). And as it has been established time and time again that gender is a social construct, by extension so is masculinity.
Moreover, as Kimmel states that in regards to masculinity, “’one of the most surprising findings…is how little the rules have changed,’” and if this is truly the case, then is masculinity as natural as we once thought it was (Kimmel 46). If gender is a social construct, and by extension so is masculinity, how unnatural and constricting is masculinity if it is unable to change even as a social construct? Rebuttals to the notion that masculinity is biological is states as Kimmel explains how if masculinity were, “biological, it would be as natural as breathing or blinking,” and yet contemporary masculinity is as unnatural as gender (Kimmel 51). With the idea of masculinity being so narrow, it is fitting to say that, “masculinity is socially constructed and highly constrained in our society,” (Kirk an...

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...l shapes and sizes of bricks. Bricks can be expressed, colored, shaped and decorated however they please. These bricks will be able to fit because mortar will be used in between these bricks to hold them together. The mortar is ‘human love, compassion, empathy and understanding’ because it is through those key traits that all kinds of men will be able to comfortably be able to be considered masculine. Masculine will mean different things to different people. But with the increase of diversity in the ‘masculine wall’, the stronger that wall will be. Whether a man is masculine will one day be defined by if they, themselves, think they are masculine. It will no longer matter what their genitals look like, or how they act, or speak, or think, or live. Diversity is key in redefining masculinity and allowing it to be open to everyone, and it will be achieved eventually.

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