Gender And The Executive Suite Corporate Americ Moral And Ethical Issues

Gender And The Executive Suite Corporate Americ Moral And Ethical Issues

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The third article I choose was by Elmuti, D., Lehman, J., Harmon, B., Lu, X., Pape, A., Zhang, R., Zimmerle, T. The article was written in 2003. The name of the article is Inequality Between Genders in the Executive Suite in Corporate America: Moral and ethical issues. Equal Opportunities International, 22(8), pages 1-19. The main topic of this article is to “Examine the role gender plays in a managerial stereotypes and changes that have occurred in the US for executive woman in the workforce.” (Elmuti et al,. 1).
In this article the authors broke it up into three main points or arguments. The first of these arguments is “Gender and Managerial Stereotypes: Changing Times?” (Elmuti et al,. 2). In this argument he identifies three types of stereotypes that have to do with this first argument.
The first stereotype the authors refer to as “old-boy network” (Elmuti et al,. 2). The old-boys network is a group of businessmen who have a lot of control of the business world. (Elmuti et al,. 2003). When members of the old-boys network don’t let new people into their network, career’s for women become limited. Women who don’t have connections to individuals already in the network are going to have an arduous time trying to move up in position in the company. (Elmuti et al,. 2003).
The second stereotype that women face while trying to move up the corporate ladder is the “Women’s Place at Home” (Elmuti et al,. 2). Women are often referred to as the weaker sex. Men believe that women are not equipped to make enough money to support their family (Elmuti et al,. 2003). Men also believe that women are not smart enough to work (Elmuti et al,. 2003). Since men think this way about women, it creates this stereotype that women need to stay hom...

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...of our society?
Something I learned from reading this article is that if a man and woman have the exact same job and same qualifications and only one of them can get a promotion, then the man is going to receive the promotion just because of the fact he is a man. An example of gender inequality is when a man and a woman have been working for the same amount of years at the same company, and they are both have the same qualifications but the man gets a higher pay rate.
Therefore, gender inequality is still a big part of our society. Gender inequality has not been fair for women. Women are still paid less than men. Women who are deserving of a promotion are not receiving them because they are given to men instead. Gender roles are still creating an image where a woman can’t go and provide for her family. Gender inequality still occurs in the world we live in today.

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