Essay on Gender And Social Norms And The Social Construction Of A Binary System

Essay on Gender And Social Norms And The Social Construction Of A Binary System

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Despite countless forms of media productions many characters fall into predictable and often unnecessary binary tropes. Gender and social norms have been constructed through media and as such are maintained by the media. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, the anime based off of Izumi Tsubaki’s original manga, dismantles gender norms by going against social construction of a binary system. The series goes against such norms and provides ample alternatives by looking at the characters of Kashima Yuu and Momotaru Mikoshiba, as well as the relationship between Yuzuki Seo and Hirotaka Wakamatsu. Each of these characters addresses the humanist theory of feminine theory.
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun originally appeared in an online shounen magazine despite containing the word shoujo in its name. Gekkan Shoujo steps away from the typical ideals of shounen manga showing that it is not necessary for the demographic to be presented with media containing characters who are constantly fighting. The term shounen generally refers to the young male demographic, but more loosely, a shounen series often refers to media that constains action or adventure with plenty of villains, blood, remarkable fight scenes, and women with absurdly sized breasts. More popular known shounen series are Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, and Dragon Ball, all of which do not place heavy emphasis on romance, or for that matter, female character development because the women are shown to be limited, domestic, and secondary in their roles (Huerta 5). Shoujo on the other hand refers to the young female demographic, and when used loosely is considered a series that focuses on romance, character’s relationships, and actual development of most female characters and their love interest. Popula...

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... this, in that all of the traits are not mutually exclusive. Rather than further embracing the concept of femininity this series focuses heavily on the lack of difference and gender limitations of many of the characters. An overarching connector is that all the characters do identify as cisgendered individuals. However, their “label” of sex and gender does not limit any of them to typical gendered stereotypes and as such lets them act independently of these stereotypes which then does not lessen their individuality if they are “more feminine” or “more masculine” in their interests. Anime itself can both reinforce gender roles and at the same time cause them to change (Yu 25). In following the social construction of gender the concept of separate due to gender is reinforced, but instead Gekkan Shoujo strives to create a change in the way gender is presented in anime.

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