Gender And Social Class Impact On Children Essay

Gender And Social Class Impact On Children Essay

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This portfolio will discuss how gender and social class have an impact on children.
Gender is the socially ascribed characteristics. Gender impacts on children as it all around them through gender stereotypes and behaviours. Their awareness comes from their; education, peer group, popular culture and within their family.
Martin and Ruble (2004 cited in Aina and Cameron, 2011 P.11) suggest how gender stereotypes are apparent even before birth ‘Concepts of gender identity are sometimes placed on children even before their birth, with the selection of paint colours for the nursery’. Along with this Browne (2004) states ‘One of the first questions new parents are asked are ‘is it a boy or a girl’. This is also recognising how children are being labelled and stereotyped even before they are or born or old enough to find their own identity. Within the family it is also evident how parents are stereotyping their children. This is done through many ways, however, one of these is story telling. Fiese and Skillman (2000 as cited in Aina and Cameron 2011) suggests that mothers are more likely to tell their daughters stories about relationships and support, whereas farther’s are more likely to tell their sons stories about bravery and achievement. This means even within the household children are being raised in, they are being brought up into stereotypes through doing stereotypical activities with their parents like storytelling, meaning that the children are growing up wanting to succeed in them roles. They will grow up thinking men have more power than women and this could lead to gender inequality, treating them differently.
Popular culture has a huge influence on young children within gender stereotyping. Aina and Cameron 2011 suggest ...

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...ight equipment and resources needed to help them achieve. They can take part in extra-curricular activities helping them to achieve academically but also helping to improve their well-being. Children from a poorer background may not be able to participate in extra-curricular activities as their parents may not be able to afford it. They may not have the resources at home to help with their education which would mean they are more likely to struggle in school (Sutton trust, 2014). ‘55% of secondary schools in the most deprived areas of England did not achieve the benchmark of 30% of children getting good GCSE’s’ (Crace, 2008). This statistic shows how social class can determine your life chances. Class can impact education by affecting the type of school the children attend, the attitudes to education and a child’s chance of social mobility.

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